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A3 Review

Product Review

The advanced A3 flight controller is characterized by stronger control determination than ever before. Its multi-sensor fusion algorithms improve its control's accuracy by far when compared to previous models. The device includes also a new robust control algorithm which enables the A3 to be adapted to a wide range of aircrafts without the need for manual tuning.

When you open the box you'll find the flight controller, GPS-Compass Pro, LED Module, PMU, GPS Mounting Bracket, LED Mounting Bracket, CAN-Gimbal Cable, Micro USB Cable, Servo Cable x5 and DBUS Cable.

Pinpoint Precision: The A3 supports D-RTK GNSS which allows centimeter-level positioning accuracy, which is even more accurate than the GPS solution. This important feature guarantees that you are synchronized with your drone and always know its location.

Dual Antennas: Featuring dual antennas, the A3’s heading reference is more accurate than a compass sensor and depending on the region of purchase, the controller will utilize ‘GPS and BeiDou’ or ‘GPS and GLONASS’ to perform at the highest standards.

High Safety: The fault-tolerant control system enables you to land your drone safely in case there is a problem during the flight. This is relevant even in the case of something as drastic as a propulsion system failure.

Improved Assistant: As such an advanced flight controller, it also includes a smart assistant. The DJI Assistant 2 is packed with many features, though it's very intuitive. Setting up DJI's many aerial systems is not too complicated. There’s also a built-in flight simulator which lets you try out complex moves ahead of time without the risk of causing damage to your drone.

Smooth Integration: The A3 flight controller provides users with a wide range of solutions, including D-RTK GNSS, smart ESCs, intelligent batteries, and Lightbridge 2. With the on-board and mobile SDKs, custom-built applications can access flight data, and even control the aircraft, gimbal, and camera. Dedicated hardware interfaces allow professionals to craft their ideal aerial system by adding a range of actuators and sensors.

New Ground Station: DJI have completely overhauled their Ground Station to support touch screen interaction, offline mission design, route planning and even formation flight for multiple aircraft.

DataLink Pro: DataLink Pro integrates seamlessly with the A3 and D-RTK as well as with the Ground Station, allowing up to five aircrafts to be controlled with only one unit. A broadcast mode lets the base station broadcast data to 32 mobile devices and a duplex mode keeps data locked to one device. This works up to a range of 2km.

DJI added the A3 Pro version, which offers users all the features and capabilities of the A#, but with an even greater degree of precision.

The A3 Pro is equipped with three IMUs and three GNSS units, and together with the additional analytics it allows a total of six redundancies. Working together with advanced diagnostic algorithms, if the A3 Pro detects GNSS or IMU unit failure during flight, it seamlessly switches to another unit to maintain reliability and precision.

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