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Advanced Tuned Propulsion Systems

Eliminating Weight Limitations in UAS Flying

tuned propulsion

E1200 Standard

With upgraded power for multirotors weighting 15.4-33 pounds (7-15 kg), the E1200 System provides efficiency, safety and endurance under extreme conditions.

tuned propulsion

E1200 Pro

Designed for multirotor copters weighing 7-15 kg, the E1200 Pro can be adapted on platforms with 25mm-diameter arm tubes, such as the S900.

tuned propulsion


Smart ESCs that communicate the status of motors in real time, combined with more powerful motors to give unprecedented control on flight platforms.

tuned propulsion


The first tuned propulsion system specially engineered for industrial applications and aerial imagery, able to carry payloads of 1800–2500g per axis.

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