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The first tuned propulsion system specially engineered for industrial applications and aerial imagery.


The E2000 is available in Standard and Pro versions. These two versions feature the same core design and inner components, but different structural design to meet the demands of different groups of users.


E2000 Standard

Comprising of three separate units for the ESC, motor and propellers, E2000 Standard offers a wide range of platform compatibility and platform customization. The separate 1240S ESC also allows this system to be additionally water resistant.


E2000 PRO

Featuring complete installation of the ESC, motor and propeller the E2000 Pro is easy to install, adding power and reliability to any aircraft with 28mm-diameter arm tubes quickly.


Advantages You Can't Ignore

  • DJI Propulsion is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling propulsion systems for multi-rotors, providing professional and reliable propulsion systems to businesses globally.
  • Supported by DJI’s industry-leading Research and Development team, we build customized propulsion systems, motors, ESCs, and propellers to meet the unique needs of clients from around the world. Many leading UAV companies have even adopted the standards and customized propulsion systems we’ve created.
  • DJI Propulsion provides a variety of solutions for multi-rotors of different sizes. Our core E series propulsion systems possess aerodynamic efficiency, high thrust-weight ratio, stability and agility. The E series share the same technology and system production line as DJI’s Phantom series and Inspire 1.

All-Weather Capabilities

The materials and finishing used to build the E2000 gives the system unprecedented robustness that is necessary for industrial use and reliability even in rough weather.


Integrated Cooling for Maximum Reliability

To more effectively dissipate heat generated under intensive industrial use, the 6010 Standard and Pro motors feature integrated centrifugal cooling systems that effectively cools the motor while keeping dust and micro particles out. Both types of ESC additionally include silica thermal pads and heat sinks for maximum heat transfer and dissipation. As a result, the system components’ lifespan is maximized and risk of failure under heavy loads and high temperatures is minimized.

Increased Payload, Extended Flight Time

The E2000 is designed for payloads of 1800–2500g/rotor, with a maximum thrust of up to 5100 g/rotor (50V, sea level). This enables the platform to carry heavy payloads while ensuring sufficient power to fly through heavy winds, and improved maneuverability.

The 21-inch propeller is made of Ultra Carbon Pro, an advanced composite material, for lower rotational inertia in combination with high strength and stiffness. Their aerodynamic profile combined with optimized electro-magnetic design of the motor make the E2000 extremely energy efficient.


Take your creative enthusiasm to the skies!

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