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Matrice 600

Matrice 600 is DJI’s new flying platform designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.

agras mg-1

Agras MG-1

Agras MG-1 is a new ingenious 8 rotors flying platform, designed specifically for advanced agriculture applications.

flying platform

Spreading Wings S1000+

The S1000+ is our most advanced octocopter, including the latest technologic developments and features to date.

flying platform

Spreading Wings S1000

The S1000 octocopter has been designed to meet the latest trends in high level aerial photography and cinematography.

flying platform

Spreading Wings S900

The S900 flying platform meets the specific needs and requirements of professional aerial photographers and cinematographers.

flying platform

Flame Wheel ARF KIT

Flame Wheel comprises a series of multi-rotor Almost-Ready-to-Fly platforms, with a multirotor for fun or amateur aerial photography.

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