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Spreading Wings S1000 Flying Platform

The S1000’s V type mixer design provides large amounts of propulsion while improving power efficiency

spreading wings S1000

Large Carrying Capacity, Safe and Stable

ready to fly platform

ready to fly platform

With its unique V type mixer design, the S1000 enables significant propulsion with increased power efficiency. Combined with DJI flight controllers like the A2, it remains stable during flight even if it looses a rotor. Integrated into the center frame is a power distribution system using a patented coaxial cable connector. All frame arms and the retractable landing gear are made from carbon fiber, ensuring a very light weight and high structural stability.

flying platform

Advantages You Can't Ignore

  • Safe And Stable
  • Portable Easy To Use
  • Sparkproof Plug
  • Professional Octocopter
  • Low Gimbal Mounting Position
  • Retractable Landing
  • ZENMUSE Z15-5D Gimbal
  • New Damping Design
  • Innovative Frame Arm Design
spreading wings
flying platform

Portable, Easy to Use

All eight arms can be completely folded down and the folding propellers can be tucked away, minimizing the S1000’s size for transportation. To fly, simply lift the frame arms up, lock them into place and power up the system. This greatly saves on pre-flight prep time.

New Damping Design

The gimbal and battery are mounted to the same bracket, with dampers placed between the bracket and the frame. This significantly reduces high-frequency vibrations and makes shots clearer and sharper. The battery tray's position also makes it more convenient to mount and unmount.

flying platform
flying platform

Innovative Frame Arm Design

Each frame arm is designed with an 8° inversion and a 3° inclination, making the aircraft more stable when rolling and pitching yet more flexible when rotating.

Propulsion System

A 40A electronic speed controller (ESC), our fastest available, is built in to each arm. The 4114 pro motors, high performance 1552 folding propellers, and V-type mixer design combine to give each arm of the S1000+ a maximum thrust of 2.5Kg.

Low Gimbal Mounting Position

flying platform

The gimbal is mounted low on the frame on a specifically designed bracket. Combined with the S1000's retractable landing gear, you have a clear, wide shooting angle.

flying platform

Retractable Landing Gear

A retractable landing gear together with a low gimbal mounting bracket, combine to enable a wide range of possible shooting angles and camera motions. This unique structure enables a wide range of shooting angles.

Compatible with Zenmuse Gimbals

Full compatibility with DJI’s entire line of Zenmuse Z15 camera gimbals, including the new Z15-5D III (HD), provides unmatched stability in flight.

flying platform

Take your creative enthusiasm to the skies!

Choose your Spreading Wings S1000 platform and get ready for an experience of a life time

Spreading Wings S1000



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