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Using Drones for Industrial Inspection

The efficiency of aerial thermal imaging for a wide range of industrial inspection purposes

drones for industrial inspections

Industries operate complex systems and assets that need continuous inspection. Using aerial drone inspections, owners, developers, contractors and managers can now better supervise their industrial assets in a much faster and effective way. From collecting precise data, to observing up-to-date timelines of development, drones become and indispensable industrial tool.

Industrial inspections with drones can focus on industries such as energy, agriculture, construction, mining, utilities, real estate and more. Studies predict that drones will likely replace $149 million worth of existing business services and labour, boosting their use to unprecedented levels.

drones for industrial inspections

Industries today are transforming the way they conduct their inspections. With high quality 4K cameras, obstacle avoidance technology and customizable programming capabilities, operators can now safely navigate their drone through unsafe or previously inaccessible environments, collect precise data and create 3D maps and orthomosaics to analyze and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Drones can supervise that construction sites and facilities abide to strict safety regulations, inspect roads, bridges and dams, help create 3D maps and orthomosaics, collect elevation data, and gather volumetric measurements to map out, build, and develop key projects. 3d maps enable constractors to view exact timelines of their projects from beginning to end. This advantage can prove to be invaluable, as it can make logistics planning easier and save huge time.

Drones can inspect tall and complex structures very easily. Multi stores structures, oil rigs, platforms, towers and chimneys can be very risky for human pilots or manned flying devices, especially in bad weather conditions or hostile environments. Inspection reports produced by drones offer invaluable information about an asset’s condition, enabling critical operational or maintenance decisions. With timely live inspections, high resolution stills, HD video and infrared images, experienced inspection engineers can speed up projects with much higher safety and lower costs.

Drones can also provide close visual and thermal inspections and surveys of difficult to reach assets, such as flare stacks and flare tips, enabling critical maintenance decisions while reducing the potential risk of costly delays. Drones can also inspect safety-conscious, cost sensitive power and utility infrastructures, improving maintenance regimes, reducing costs and improving safety.

drones for industrial inspections

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