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Using Drones for Real Estate

Explore the Many Exciting Uses of Drones and UAS Vehicles

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All major real estate agencies do it. They produce high quality photos and videos with drones and post them across their social media channels and websites. Are you going to remain behind your competition? Of course not.

After the FAA has finally outlined rules for using drones and issued permits for commercial use, real estate agencies can now use aerial videos that showcase their homes. This is great news for the industry because drones are now shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate marketing.

Drones, also known as UAS, can be used to show potential buyers a variety of things: aerial views of the entire property and land, the path to the children's school, the neighborhood and surrounding area, the home’s proximity to amenities and more.

drone uses

Inside a house, the drone can float from room to room to capture the unit from every angle. A quick turn, and the doors open to a balcony overlooking a lake or valley and suddenly the entire surrounding area appears on the screen. The drone whirls a few hundred feet above and around the building and the entire video will be posted on the realtor’s or community’s website next to a 3D floor plan and a list of amenities.

Drones can significantly cut the cost of shooting elevated imagery with helicopters and enable you to use their aerial footage on many more listings. They can shoot stills, video or both. You can edit and share the video without extensive previous experience. You don't even have to hire a professional to handle it, but even if you do it's much cheaper than hiring an airplane or helicopter.

The incredible thing about drones is that as an agent you’re offering an unprecedented view of the property. Never before seen angles and perspectives. Having that one shot that no one else has, agents can grab clients' attention and more easily and for longer times.

For the real estate market, drones are here to stay. They are a game-changer for marketing and selling properties. Today more than 90 percent of real estate buyers use the web to look for their next home, making eye-popping videos and photos extremely important. Moreover, impressive sales campaigns will get shared through social media and resulted in new customers.

drone uses
drone uses

Drones can be effective not only for showing homes but also for construction. Drones can monitor construction projects, the workers at the construction site, the project's advance and more.

The footage captured with drones can also be converted into three-dimensional picture of the site, and by using software, it can be compared to computerized architectural plans as well as the construction work plan. The software can show managers how the project is progressing, and can automatically highlight parts that may be falling behind schedule.

Drones can also spot on-site risks that can't be viewed on the ground. The falling costs of drone devices and the availability of sophisticated photography, videography, monitoring and navigation have helped the aerial vehicles make a large impact on construction industry.

Another useful application of drones in the real estate market is property management. Producing aerial photos and views of properties, property managers can easily and effectively inspect their property for the purpose of insurance, maintenance or repairs. For example, infrared and real-time video drone surveys of building roofs can prevent water damages to interiors.

Drones can be used for surveys of remote properties, land for development or properties that have been affected by natural disasters.

drone uses

In addition to real estate property, drones are excellent tools to market a resort, a camp ground, a golf course and more.

For example, the drone is a game changer in marketing resorts because selling resort real estate is not just about marketing property, it’s about selling lifestyle and amenities. High resolution aerial photography can articulate location to nearby valuable sights and amenities like the beach, golf, tennis, marinas, marshes and lagoons.

Cameras mounted to drones are being used to shoot tee-to-green films of golf holes, giving players a fresh perspective of the hazards they'll have to face during the games. Marketing videos create stunning experiences for prospective golfers, and showcase the most unique elements of the course. Whether your goal is to drive traffic and sell tee times, market a new property or golf course design, or give your players better tools to improve and increase play, drones are your best option.

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