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Using Drones for Tourism

Explore the Many Exciting Uses of Drones and UAS Vehicles

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Tourism is one of the most competitive industries. If you are part of this industry, it means you want to attract more and more people to visit your sight, ski resort, hotel, restaurant, castle, national park or any other tourist attraction. The best and most effective way to attract potential visitors' attention, stimulate them and convince them to come is by visualizing your point of interest on video.

Drones are one of the newest and best solutions for presenting tourism attractions on aerial video and photographs. Flying over your location, drones can take high quality images and HD videos, intensifying emotions by displaying a very special view and unusual perspective of your sight. The aerial and genuine perspective will set you apart from the competition, giving you unprecedented advantages.

Aerial photography and videography with piloted aerial vehicles is ideal for the travel and tourism industries. Stately homes in beautiful landscapes, beaches, rivers and forests that can be hard to show off to their best extent from the ground come to life in an aerial photograph or video. The same applies to entertainment venues such as sports clubs, golf courses and even large cruise ships.

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Today you don't need to hire expensive manned aircraft anymore. Advertise your tourism sight with high definition still images or high definition video footage, covering difficult terrains or any other ground obstacles. Publish your images and videos on social media, websites and print media and take full advantage of this amazing new media.

A second developing field related to the tourism industry is the use of drones for virtual travel. As a virtual traveler you can see the most famous sights from all over the world without leaving your home! The new innovative drone tourism is revolutionizing the way people experience attractions.

This technology can be useful for people who can't afford to visit expensive travel sights, for disabled people who can't access certain attractions but still want to see them, or for busy people who want to explore new attractions but don't have enough time.

Drone tourism is set to become the travel technology of the future. It will allow tourists to swoop over landmarks such as Rome's Colosseum or the Grand Canyon, as if they're flying over them. Unlike the common ground level view, the aerial drone coverage gives a totally new perspective of the sight, whatever their size.

drone uses
drone uses

Drones have already succeeded in revolutionizing aerial tourism photography with incredible footage being captured in places that can't be accessed by foot, such as the world's largest cave - Vietnam's Hang Son Doong.

Imagine traveling all over the world and seeing famous sites in an entirely new way from the comfort of your home. Soar up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, fly over the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or look down from the top of Mount Everest without ever leaving your sofa.

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