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Using Drones for Weddings

Explore the Many Exciting Uses of Drones and UAS Vehicles

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Drones are a fantastic way to take unforgettable stunning aerial photos on weddings. Yes, maybe in a few years time it will become the standard. But today aerial photography or videography for weddings is innovative, original and exciting.

As aerial aircrafts, drones can carry cameras or videos. The GPS flight control systems enable them to stand still and hover in a fixed position, or to fly over the crowd for hours. They are highly maneuverable and can reach unprecedented views and photography angles.

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The drone can capture every single person walking into the ceremony and they won't even know it. Just imagine your guests' huge surprise when they'll see themselves at the ceremony from above! They'll probably feel as if they've attended a celebrity’s wedding.

Don't rely on your photographer's equipment. Choose your own drone so that you can have full control over its performance and shooting capabilities. Choose the right camera or video and make sure you stabilize it with the best gimbals. On top of keeping your shot level and allowing tilt, a three-axis system enables the camera to pan (yaw) as well. On aircraft with retractable landing gear, this can mean a full 360 degrees of unobstructed shooting.

Experiment before the wedding. Together with your photographer, try the drone and find the right flying altitude for it to hover at so that the noise wouldn’t be a distraction. Most drones are pretty noisy so at close range it might pick up motor and wind noise. On longer shots, noise won't be a problem.

For wedding shooters, UAVs are best for scene setting, acquiring establishing shots such as the exterior of the church or temple, or for staged scenes where capturing live sound is unnecessary. Some people use drones only while music is playing, so that attendees are not distracted by the noise. They are amazing devices but using them responsibly requires a some expertise and practice.

drone uses
drone uses

If you're planning to get married soon, join this fast developing trend and prepare a drone for the aerial view of the event. Today drones are definitely the hot topic in wedding photography and cinematography. Moreover, if you didn't propose yet, you can even place the ring on the drone as part of a marriage proposal!

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