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F450 ARF Kit Review

f450 arf kit
Product Review

If you're looking to build a quad around a frame that would be stable in flight and strong enough to withstand the occasional hard landing, look no further. The Flamewheel F450 is your best choice. It's a sturdy quad on hand that can fly consistently for a long time and use as a platform for FPV or GoPro aerial video.

In the box you'll find center plates, four arms, hardware for assembly, velcro and strap for battery, and wires for the power distribution board.

The Flame Wheel is highly popular. It’s relatively inexpensive, it is durable, the center plate doubles as a power distribution board, the design is impressive, it offers plenty of room for receiver, control board, ESCs, and battery, with mounting options and room to spare for a GoPro or other camera setup. Plus, as a popular quadcopter frame it has a wide variety of spare parts and accessories to choose from such as landing gears, gimbals, etc.

Its low price, durability, lightweight and smart configuration make it a great choice, allowing users to focus on things like aerial video instead of worrying about the frame falling apart. It's easy and quick to build, with no issues during the assembly. The combination of the molded components and the central fiberglass plate structure produces a very strong and rigid structure.

The included electronics attached to the kit are of high quality. The finished unit is stable and the ability to have a gyro camera is perfect for users who want to try out aerial photography. The unit is very easy to program and the default values work very well.

The Flame Wheel F450 is a four motor, multi-rotor aircraft. Spanning 450mm between the diagonal centers of each of the motors, the construction of the F450 is unique with the fact that each one of the four legs is made out of injection molded plastic. The F450’s legs each incorporate a motor mount, a landing skid, and an extremely strong braced structure to connect it to the center portion of the frame. In each kit, there are two red legs and two white legs. The reason for the different leg color is to allow the pilot to distinguish which side is the ‘front’ of the copter when the unit is in flight.

Each of the legs is jointed together in the center using two fiberglass plates. The lower plate had solder ‘pads’ and acts as a power distribution board to the four electronic speed controls for the brushless motors. The power leads to each of the ESCs must be soldered to the corresponding pads on the lower plate.

Once the soldering work is complete, the structure of the Flame Wheel can be brought together. Mount the motors to the legs, and then mount each of the legs to the bottom center plate. Leave the left of the top plate off until all electronics are installed.

Included with the almost ready to fly kit, is the DJI NAZA stabilization system. It consists of a white box, about the same size as a 10 channel receiver. On either end there are ports. On one side are connectors for the input signals, originating from the flight receiver. A total of five leads are used, one each for throttle, yaw, pitch, and roll. The final lead is used to tell the NAZA controller which flight mode you wish to be in. On the other side of the controller are output connectors that go to each of the ESCs.

The NAZA controller also has the ability to gyro stabilize a camera that is mounted on a roll/pitch mount. This will keep the camera level and pointed parallel to the ground as the airframe pitches and rolls during normal flying.

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