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F550 ARF Kit Review

f550 arf kit
Product Review

The Flame Wheel F550 Hexacopter is actually the opposite of the usual ready-to-fly platforms offered by DJI. Its purpose is to enable hobbyists to enjoy not only the flying experience, but the assembly experience as well. This is a complete DIY hobbyist solution offering users all the basic parts they need to construct their own customized hexacopter.

Between the available F330, F450 and F550, only the F550 can be classified as a hexacopter. The F330 and the F450 are both quadcopters. While all versions offer the same parts, the design of the F550 is unique and allows for a more stabilized flight. It’s an excellent choice for aerial photography and videography, or just flying for fun.

The kit includes very strong materials, as you'd expect from a leading company like DJI. The copter’s frame arms are built with PA66+30GF, a highly durable material that can better withstand crashes. The frame plates use a strong PCB material that further helps with damage mitigation. The arms and frame plates are nothing spectacular as far as aesthetics are concerned, but it gets the job done – and it does it well. PCB wiring is integrated in the kit and the design of the frame is optimized to give you ample room to attach an autopilot system.

The Flame Wheel F550 provides a variety of colored frame arms to choose from, so that you can customize your copter with your prefered colors. As a solution for hobbyists, it allows you to combine it with the Naza-M control system, the H3-2D gimbal and the DT7 RC.

As a barebones DIY kit, it offers everything you need to build your own Hexacopter. Together with the Naza M V2 or the WKM auto pilot systems you can use it for cruising, hovering, rolling maneuvers and many other flight elements. And when combined with the right elements, you can use your copter for aerial photography, FPV or just for fun.

Building the frames of the Flame Wheel is easy. Shouldered bolts are used to hold the frame together. The bolts pass through the convenient holes in the frame plates and the arms. You’ll need to use six bolts for each arm. The large center plates make it very easy to put together your copter and thanks to the built-in PCB wiring, you can probably finish the job in less than two hours. The frame and legs of the unit are highly durable and can withstand crashes with ease.

For users looking to take the flying platform out of the box and start shooting images and videos, the Flame Wheel F550 is not the right choice. However, if you’re looking for an enjoyable, easy to assemble complete DIY hobbyist solution, the DJI F550 is perfect for you. Moreover, if combined with the right parts, you can build a copter that rivals even the Phantom 2!

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