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Inspire 1 Pro Ready-to-Fly Platform

Aerial Imaging Evolved.

ready to fly platform

New propellers and motors designed with the Inspire 1 Pro in mind keep the Inspire agile and fast. You can expect flight times of 15-18 minutes with Zenmuse X5.

The smallest, easiest professional aerial filmmaking platforms in the world. World-class M4/3 imaging capabilities. Whether a professional photographer or filmmaker, the Inspire 1 Pro will take you to new heights.

Extremely powerful but lightweight and flexible, the advanced ready-to-fly Inspire 1 Pro platform provides the firm stability you need to shoot high quality images. It doesn't just fly high, it flies into the future.

ready to fly platform

Incredible Smart Features

ready to fly system

Built to Last

The Zenmuse X5 is precisely manufactured with high grade magnesium alloys, enabling it to withstand heavy field use. Compact and lightweight to allow easy transportation and long flight times, the Zenmuse X5 is built to last.

ready to fly system

Powerful Propulsion System

The Inspire 1’s propulsion system is unique among all flight platforms. We re-engineered and re-built the system to handle the demands of advanced flight, while increasing efficiency and reliability.

ready to fly system

Aerodynamic Platform

Carbon fiber arms give you the possibility to maneuver and move out from the camera's lens at the flick of a switch. With a full 360⁰ unobstructed view you can capture shots independent of the direction you are flying.

ready-to-fly camera

Take control of your focus for the first time, and combine it with aperture control for another layer of creative freedom. Do you want to start on a shallow depth-of-field of your subject and then bring the background into sight? With remote focus control you can, with a tap of the screen inside the DJI GO app. Using the DJI Focus, you can even turn a dial just like you would turn a lens allowing for even more refined control.

ready to fly platform
ready to fly inspire 1

Greater Pixel Clarity

Shooting with the Zenmuse X5's M4/3 sensor results in images that are crisper and more detailed than any previous aerial camera. When compared with the x3 camera with the original Inspire 1, the difference is clear in images that truly come to life.

ready to fly inspire 1

Dedicated Controls

Use the Inspire 1 Pro just like you would a camera, with a shutter button for stills and a record button for video built into the remote control. It also features a jog dial that allows you to change camera settings quickly, and customizable buttons for you to personalize. Plug the DJI Focus into the remote control to extend its reach as far as the Inspire 1 Pro flies.

Take your creative enthusiasm to the skies!

Choose your Inspire 1 Pro platform and get ready for an experience of a life time

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