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Lightbridge 2 Air Unit Review

Lightbridge 2 air unit
Product Review

Lightbridge is actually the eyes of the pilot when flying drones. It's the essense of first person view (FPV), by allowing pilots to see exactly what the aircraft transmits in high quality 1080p digital video.

Recent improvements in camera and filming technology allows drone flight videos to approach the quality of professional cinematography. Even new unexperienced pilots using basic equipment can capture stunning video, if they can only see what the drone sees in real time.

Many FPV configurations rely on outdated analog video feeds that produce low resolution video full of interference and are limited in their transmission range. It can be extremely difficult to fly a drone when forced to rely on such low quality video for piloting. Lightbridge revolutionizes this problem!

With Lightbridge, drone pilots can now experience full 1080p 30fps video streaming in real time and at distances that exceed by far the common outdated analog video streaming technologies. Lightbridge not only streams HD video to the pilot, but also provides live flight data including horizontal speed, vertical speed, altitude, gps heading, signal strength and battery status.

The ground unit of the Lightbridge includes a built-in battery that operates for many hours on a single charge. It also includes a USB port capable of charging a smartphone or tablet and the unit can be powered by an external power supply.

Mounted on the drone, the Lightbridge 2 Air Unit is used to collect aerial video signals and flight data and transmit them back to the ground system, as well as send output signals to the flight controller and other equipment.

Lightbridge 2 supports up to one Master and three Slave devices at the same time, so the pilot, gimbal operator, director, and broadcast team can all receive the video signal and monitor the shooting process from different places. The Remote Controller has a transmission distance of up to 3.1 miles (5 km), and supports live broadcasting.

The Lightbridge ground station (transmitter) has a USB connection for an iOS or Android tablet or phone. The mobile devices connected to your Lightbridge can be used to control flight elements and view live video. The master and secondary transmitters can both use the app to view the live video simultaneously.

Lightbridge 2 transmitters are interchangeable and can be easily bound with the air end and then defined as either master or secondary controller.

The rechargable LiPo battery life of the device is up to 4 hours.

Lightbridge 2 Air Unit

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