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Matrice 100 Review

matrice 100
Product Review

The Matrice 100 is an advanced drone with a versatile range of applications. It's extremely customizable with many expansion bays to add components, change the payload and basically fly it with any device you want to. It has a selection of features that make it very easy and safe to control when in flight.

The Matrice 100 is in fact a developer-targeted platform. Carrying a variety of sensors, it enables flight guidance, meaning the use of multiple stereo and ultrasonic sensors for collision detection. During flight it can detect obstacles and avoid crashing into them.

Ready to fly out of the box with dual battery slots and a whopping 40 minutes flight time, the Matrice 100 features several communication ports, power supply leads and expansion bays for extras components, so that additional hardware can be fixed to the drone to afford it new functionality.

Its highly customizable mounting allows components to be moved around the body to achieve perfect balance, with the N1 flight controller keeping the drone stable and responsive throughout the flight. It has new innovative quick-release landing pads that have been added to reduce impact on landing. DJI planned this device to be fully programmable to users' specific needs - everything from filming to agriculture or rescue.

Matrice 100 has an angular form. It's a great tool for experiments, because users can configure the sensors, data transfer, controls and batteries. It takes a bit more time than usual to build it because of its complex structure, though on paper it looks very straightforward.

If you use the Matrice 100 with the same camera and gimbal that the Inspire uses - the X3, and mount the optional second battery to the bay on the top of the craft, it can hoover for 40 minutes. It's an impressive amount of time, but it's mainly because it doesn't have any extra payload. With its 4 legs splayed out horizontally from all four corners the Matrice looks definitely bigger than the Inspire and certainly heavier.

The relatively massive drone is very stable during flight. The flight controller is exactly the same as the controller Inspire uses so switching between the two isn't a problem. It also uses the same DJI GO app as the Phantom 3 and the Inspire.

The Matrice 100 set includes the drone, remote controller, battery, battery charger, GPS, extension frame accessory pack, and propellers. The guidance, guidance install fittings, gimbal accessories and gimbal must be purchased separately.

And yet, although it's very impressive, the most fascinating feature of this drone is the Guidance, which is supposed to detect and avoid obstacles during flight. Many companies have tried over the past yeras to come with a solution and avoid the busted rotor-blades problem, but it seems that DJI has the best solution for what they call the first commercially available collision avoidance system for drones.

Guidance relies on an array of ultrasonic sensors and stereo cameras to detect when the drone flies too close to objects, with this range configurable and can extend to 20 m (65 ft). It consists of a programmable hardware attachment that DJI says can be mounted to any robotic system with USB and UART connection ports.

Beeing such a modern and highly customizable device, it's up to the users to invent how to make the best out of it.

Matrice 100

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