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Phantom 3 Professional Ready-to-Fly Platform

The Phantom 3 Professional is the flying platform of choice for photographers who want to capture the world in beautiful 4K HD.

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Phantom 3 Professional

Take to the sky and capture your world in beautiful 4K. The Phantom 3 is an easy to use, fully integrated package with an intelligent system that helps you fly.

Your Phantom 3 fits into your life and makes flying remarkably intuitive and easy. From takeoff to landing, it's completely under your control, responding to your commands while automatically handling the most complex aspects of safe, stable flight.

The Phantom 3 Professional is a ready-to-fly platform with fully integrated packages of accessories. The intelligent control system is easy to learn and operate. The Phantom 3 Professional comes with a 4K camera, while the Phantom 3 Advanced shoots 2.7k HD.

Equipped with crystal-clear cameras and high quality HD video displays, Phantom 3 professional is able to capture and deliver amazing photography from heights of even 1.2 miles (2km) above the ground!

The Phantom 3 includes an automatic video editing software that has incredible live streaming capabilities. All the images and videos you capture can be shared instantly while the Phantom is still in the skies.

Phantom 3 Professional Camera

Epic aerial video like you've never seen before. Finally a flying camera that packs years of experience in aerial imaging into one compact, easy to use system. With the Phantom 3 Professional you’ll be shooting 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and capturing 12 megapixel photos that look crisper and cleaner than ever.

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Incredible Smart Features

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Return to Base

An invisible GPS controlled geofence limits your flying zone, preventing first time pilots from accidentally entering unwanted areas or hitting obstacles. The beginner mode creates a much shorter learning curve, controlling distance and altitude.

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GPS Assisted Hover

Never lose track with the combined GPS and GLONASS. The Phantom 3 is completely aware of its location and relation to base. It hovers more precisely, moves more accurately and locks onto satellites faster. With the new availability of GLONASS, a minimum of 36 satellites are available to you around the world at any time.

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Unmatched Propulsion

Your Phantom 3 Professional is fast, agile and responsive. It gives you the ability to speed up, increase or decrease altitude or stop immediately. The air braking mechanisms stops your Phantom instantly, making it hover in place. Aerodynamic self-tightening propellers boost thrust and stay firmly in place.

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Easy and complete ground control!

With 3 times the control range of previous models, you can now fly your Phantom up to 1.2 miles (2km)! The intuitive sensitive sticks, dedicated buttons and fast response will turn each one of your flying sessions into a memorable experience.

All the frequently operated features are located on the Phantom 3's included remote controller for maximum efficiency and ease of operation. The built in Lightbridge technology improves communication and control. The platform has been ergonomically built to fit perfectly in your hands.

Controlling both your Phantom 3’s flight path and the included camera feels simple and natural. The device has been designed specifically for aerial photography, with dedicated buttons that let you take photos and video, tilt the camera and direct the Phantom 3.

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Advantages You Can't Ignore

Vision Positioning System

Your Phantom 3 literally helps you fly. It processes information from every sensor and completes complex calculations in real time, giving you a worry-free flight experience.

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ready to fly platform
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Intelligent Battery

Higher voltage, more energy and greater power result in a vastly improved flight experience. The Phantom 3's upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors and bright LEDs that monitor the power status of your battery in real time. Your Phantom 3 continuously calculates its current distance from you and the amount of power needed to return, so you always know how long you can continue flying and when it is time to recharge.

Take your creative enthusiasm to the skies!

Choose your Phantom 3 professional platform and get ready for an experience of a life time

Phantom 3 Professional



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