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Phantom 3 Standard Ready-to-Fly Platform

The Phantom 3 Standard offers the most accessible intelligent flying camera ever built, with a live video feed of 720P HD.

phantom 3 standard

Capture and record moments that you'll never forget and then share them easily with your friends. The Phantom 3 Standard is the recommended platform for entertainment, providing a whole new visual perspective on sports, parties, and family events.

Phantom 3 Standard utilizes a precision engineered 3-axis gimbal, giving your footage a little movie magic. You don't need to worry about shaky photos or videos anymore, because as it tilts and turns, the gimbal holds the camera flat and stable.

Curved electromagnets are used to spin the motors at high controllable speeds, by using magnetic force. The lack of any physical contact or friction increases the platform's durability, enabling you to enjoy longer flights.

ready to fly platform

Incredible Smart Features

ready to fly system

Easy Flight Control

The Phantom 3 Standard stays stable and under full control at all times. After takeoff it automatically hovers in place waiting for commands. It then easily changes altitude or direction at the flick of a finger. When stopped it pauses and hovers again.

ready to fly system

Automatic Flight Assistant

The Phantom 3 Standard always knows how to return to you with the touch of a button. The built-in GPS records your Phantom’s takeoff point and remembers it. At your command or if the control signal is lost, your Phantom comes back to you instantly.

ready to fly system

Intuitive Flight

Phantom 3 Standard's powerful and responsive motors project your platform precisely through the path you want it to fly. The ability to stop in place, speed up, or quickly fly higher will make your experience a real thrill.

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Ultimate ground control!

Take full control over your platform with the specifically built remote controller. The controller includes precise sticks for commands, while a dial lets you tilt the camera to see more. With a built-in rechargeable battery, a clamp to hold your mobile device, and a range extender for up to 0.62 mile (1km) range, this powerful remote makes flying easy and fun.

Controlling both your Phantom 3’s flight path and the included camera feels simple and natural. The device has been designed specifically for aerial photography, with dedicated buttons that let you take photos and video, tilt the camera and direct the Phantom 3.

ready to fly platform
ready-to-fly camera

Advantages You Can't Ignore

Unique Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to see a live view, control the shutter, change settings and access more features::

ready-to-fly camera
ready to fly phantom3

Intelligent Battery

Higher voltage, more energy and greater power result in a vastly improved flight experience. The Phantom 3's upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors and bright LEDs that monitor the power status of your battery in real time. Your Phantom 3 continuously calculates its current distance from you and the amount of power needed to return, so you always know how long you can continue flying and when it is time to recharge.

Take your creative enthusiasm to the skies!

Choose your Phantom 3 platform and get ready for an experience of a life time

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