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Spreading Wings S1000+ Review

Spreading Wings S1000+
Product Review

DJI's previous model - the Spreading Wings S800, was a hugely popular airframe, both for professionals and amateurs. Over the years it has evolved into what is now the S800 Evo, employing new designs and innovations. Combined with the Zenmuse line of camera gimbals, it performed very well and the aerial video was very stable. Yet with the newer and heavier cameras hitting the market, there was an immediate need to create a larger, more solid lifter, with greater power. That's how the Spreading Wings S1000+ was born.

This is an octocopter that incorporates all of the powerful qualities of the S800, along with some new features that are sure to make the S1000 a hit. Above all, it will be capable of carrying cameras such as the Canon 5D mark 3, as well of course as all of the other cameras we are accustomed to using with Zenmuse gimbals.

The Spreading Wings S1000+ is an octocopter, with a total of 8 propeller motors operating at once. If you’re used to seeing the classic 4 prop quadcopter design, when you buy Spreading Wings S1000+ it will give you a new perspective on your ideas about aerial drones in general. The reason for using 8 propellers instead of 4 is that more propellers provide more precision and power in flight control abilities.

In practice, during more demanding flight applications, the S1000+ is able to obey controller stick commands with a much higher level of precision than a 4 propeller quadcopter does. An octocopter design can accomplish things like very minor incremental movements and in-flight positioning, bursts of speed that can be controlled more precisely, more stable hovering, as well as handling wind gusts with more finesse. Moreover, if one prop fails, the unit will continue to remain in flight without problems.

One of the most important features of the Spreading Wings S1000+ is the fact that its arms are foldable. All eight arms can fold straight down, making this large device a very portable octoper. At the base of each arm is an aluminum knuckle, that has a large bolt through the bottom of it, which the arm pivots on. Once the arm is in the raised position, a tough plastic lock rotates into place, pulling the arm in towards the frame as it locks. The lock has a very tough and positive click once it locks in place, and there is no play in the arm once it is locked. Each arm has a high intensity LED mounted on the underside of the ESC, two red at the front and the rest are green. The props also fold back easily, and are held in place on the boom with small foam holders.

Another important feature is its power distribution. The S1000 has an integrated power distribution board centered on the lower frame. The power cable that comes out of each arm is a coax style wire, with a push in plug on the end. The plug presses into the power distribution board, without any soldering.

Designed with extreme torque and power, the Spreading Wings S1000+ operates at lower Kv RPM levels, making it a superior powerful device for heavy payload applications. It uses 1500 mAh Li-Po batteries, so that with multiple batteries and a multi-port charger, you’ll be able to use the drone for hours at a time. If you purchase the additional battery packs, even longer than that! Not to mention that you can upgrade the battery pack to a higher mAh to extend the flight time ability.

The S1000+ doesn’t include a transmitter, so that you can choose from several options. Its unique power distribution system allows a more even dispersion of energy to each of the 8 propellers, ensuring there’s never any one propeller using more power than the others. It’s definitely an improved energy management and delivery system that didn't exist on previous models.

A 3-axis gimbal allows you to position the camera angle/eye according to roll, pitch, and yaw. Flying in high velocity wind won’t hamper your ability to get smooth and stable photo/video footage. The 3-axis gimbal system ensures trouble-free photography sessions that even a novice can accomplish with the Spreading Wings S1000+. Car travel is easy thanks to the compact folding arms design. When you’re ready to go airborne, you simply fold the locking arms outward and into place, and you’re all set.

You can expect an average flight time of 15 minutes per battery charge, as long as you’re not performing above average payload lifting. Due to the large size of the 15000 mAh battery and 8 propeller system, the S1000+ is able to fly at a max speed of 30-45 MPH (depending on wind conditions) and has a max thrust of 2.5 kg per arm.

The Spreading Wings S1000+ weights only 4.4kg, with a payload capability of 6kg. It flies flawlessly, being an excellent camera platform. Its large size and octo configuration make it stable, while its folding arms and GPS antenna make it incredibly portable. It is quick and easy to pack away, just as it is quick and easy to set up. All of the aluminum and carbon parts are beautifully finished, and everything fits together perfectly. It is a fast build, with 90% of assembly completed for you before it is even packed away in the box. The coax motor connectors mean no soldering, which decreases assembly time and reduces the chance of a failure due to poor solder joints. This is sure to be the go to platform for any one looking for a heavy lift aerial camera platform.

Spreading Wings S1000+

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