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Wookong-M Review

Product Review

The Wookong-M is a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms: QuadCopters, HexaCopters like the Spreading Wings S900 or OctoCopters like the S1000 Octocopter. Its purpose is to serve premium commercial photography and industrial applications.

Unlike many other multi rotor flight controllers, the Wookong-M allows the use of regular ESC commonly found on RC multi-rotors without any wiring modification. And for further convenience, the Heli mode provides a seamless transition for current users of the Ace One professional system.

If this is your first time with the Wookong-M, you will find that setting up the system is easy. It has a very intuitive and user friendly UI and easy to follow instructions. The Wookong-M multi-rotor utilizes the highest quality components, which are precisely calibrated with temperature compensation on all of the gyros and sensors.

The device has industry leading flight algorithms for autopilot and UAV uses. The IMU has a damping system which is rated for gas engines and is by far the best in its class. It is compatible with most radios supporting either PCM or 2.4Ghz, though the recommended method is using the S Bus system from Futaba, which enables the use of most amount of features.

The Wookong-M Attitude mode maintains precise altitude especially for indoor flights, while the GPS mode provides excellent position hold outdoors. The external LED is very bright and is used to show the present flight mode. This feature is very helpful for pilots flying the device under many difficult conditions.

The latest addition to the Wookong features is the care free mode and an increase in performance for heavy lifters. With this latest firmware update you don't have to control the orientation of your multi-rotor craft after you have flown it 10 meters from the home takeoff.

The advanced POI (Point Of Interest) function, which is very useful when you have to fly your device over a certain location or object, can be used up to 500 meters away from the recorded POI. The addition of the Wookong-M Bluetooth LED allows users from firmware 5.22 and on to use an iPhone or iPad to make changes to the flight parameters without taking a laptop to the field.

The built-in gimbal stabilization unit is compatible with almost any 2-axis gimbal system. After the initial mode settings, it will adjust the camera according to the planned flight course. The recommended gimbal for the Wookong-M is the Zenmuse, which provides full 360 degree rotation in each of the 3 axis. The Zenmuse is connected to the Wookong Flight Controller via the Can network and offers the best camera control and stability.

The Wookong-M can fly in one single full auto (GPS-Atti) mode from take-off to landing; or in Atti mode while manual stabilization mode has been activated. The system is very easy to install with user-friendly software allowing on-line firmware and software upgrades as they become available.

The controller offers now improved flight performance and new features. It will provide a flight algorithm refinement that will improve the flight control of the tail and head during wind condition to maintain a smoother flight and ease the pilot's work. Also, the long awaited PPM is now available, providing Octo and X8 users access to remote gain adjustment. It enables less cabling and a neat layout. The PPM receiver is preferred over S-Bus.

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